We are a small hobby kennel located in Michoacan, México.

The Golden Retriever breed became our passion in 2006, when we bought our first Golden Retriever girl named "Simone", she immediately became our inseparable friend and part of our family. With her, we started a beautiful way of knowledge, work, passion and big admiration for this breed. Nothing has been the same in our lives after we got "Simone".

Our goldens are our pets and they are part of our family. We know and love each of them. Every day we receive their loyalty and love, they get into our hearts and make our life happier.

Our breeding program is based on quality, love, respect and responsibility. Our aim is to raise healthy, balanced, and competitive dogs which may serve diverse activities such as company, obedience, assistance and conformation.

Thanks to this Golden passion and our responsible work, we have been able to include in our Kennel offspring from the most important and recognized breeders from United States and from the most Outstanding Sires.

This webpage is nothing more than our desire to share our passion with you.

Tete Nevarez & Gerardo Garcia.